In the Idle World Universe expansive and pervasive matrices of oppression exist; devised by agencies that seek to maintain their social dominance and egoisticly expand their powers of domination. Subversion survives in the shadowy fringes of the Idle World; from the Untamed Wilds of Nu-Earth to the spawned labrinthene dimensions of the Order of the Red, chaos reigns.

Alliance of the UniverseEdit

UNITED ForcesEdit

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Global League of InjusticeEdit

Secretly created an operated by high level officials within the GearHead conglomerate after the excecution of GearHead, the Global League of Injustice seeks to claim humanity's rightful place in the stars through any means possible. The organization adheres to GearHead's manifesto that he released prior to being overthrown by the GearHead Industries Board of Directors; it serves as both a constitution and a call to arms. Under this constitution the Global League of Injustice operates under a system of checks and balances; the governing agents of the GLI are seperated into three agencies with further sub divisions beneath. 

Council of Injustice: Edit

This shadowy council is a quite transient entity, but is most commonly consists of twenty Agents of Injustice, long since forgotten to even their peers. It is the job of the council to democratically determine the course of the Global League of Injustice; the Council has been known to be quite cohesive, and even when disagreements occur, Council members have been known to relish diverse opinions and plans for action. It is unknown who is on the council, nor is there any specific means to gain these positions of power. 

Cult of Murder:Edit

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Order of the Red Edit


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