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Early : Of the First Generation - Of the 1,250th GenerationEdit

Adorie "GearHead" of the Second Nu-Men was the first to form a corporation in the earliest days of Chukaconian trade guilds, after discovering the concept after recovering an ancient text in an underground ruin uncovered in a coal mine owned by GearHead. Born immortal through his metagenes, GearHead Industries dominated the market of early Chukacon with its superior technology through its unique lead researcher and CEO. Such inventions were inspired in episodic bouts of hallucinations, and from GearHead's interactions with agents from the Alliance of the Universe. By secretly documenting and analyzing discarded waste materials of the Alliance that had been disposed of on Nu-Earth over the course of his eternal life, GearHead was able to learn of alien technology, and how to reverse engineer more basic versions of such technologies using the resources available. Simple cognition machines were created using complex systems of steam powered machinery and preserved nervous tissue of Nu-Mans; due to cultural and religious reasons, little opposition was offered by Nu-Mankind against the re-use of their brains. At this time GearHead Industries created two polar public opinions about them; one believed that GearHead was a God of Progress for creating GearHead Industries and so delivering both Nu-Manity and Humanity from the brutal nature of Nu-Earth, the antogonistic viewpoint of a few Nu-Man radicals and fewer Humans that rhetorically designated GearHead Industries as an uncompassionate gilded-monstrosity that had captured the nobled GearHead in its drive for profit.

Industrial : Of the 1,250th Generation - Of the 1,300th GenerationEdit

Corporate AffairsEdit

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Environmental InitiativesEdit


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