Idle World Planetary DesignationEdit

Most commonly used on planets enhabited by sentient races that fail admittance into the Alliance of the Universe, Idle Worlds are locations used both as locations of resource extraction and as prisons for entire sentient races.

Implementation Process Edit

  1. Planet is blockaded and initial genetic samplings are taken of the punished species. Communications with the convicted is strickly forbidden after the worldwide announcement of the Galactic Court's judgement. 
  2. Automated eradication systems are emplaced inside sparsely populated areas of the planet and slowly force inhabitants to seek refuge in high population density areas. Through this process of herding, a planet's inhabitants can be exterminated very efficiently without much ecological fallout.
  3. Alliance archeology teams are landed onto the planet, and charged with destroying all information stored about life on said planet prior to the purge. This systematic search and destroy operation can last multiple centuries; unorthodox head archeologists have been known to secretely put false information caches into the ground in order to mislead and obfuscate discoverers of artifacts. 
  4. Two stations are put in geosynchronous orbit around the Idle World; the location of which is above regions on the planet that are planned for high density urban living. During this time, these stations act as the base of operations for the establisment of Idle World society, and operate under the soverignty of the Alliance. 
  5. An organism with a chromosome count capable of containing the remaining genetic matterial of humanity and metagenes is designed and cloned aboard orbiting science stations. Genetics of the convicted species are altered to be sterile; by doing so forces the populations of convicted species to be reliant on the breeding of previously mentioned genetic host organisms. 
  6. After generations of genetic stability tests, these Nu-Species (genetic carriers) are settled into the zones designated and prepared for habitation. These new tribal states are provided systems of mythos that coincide with the interests of the Alliance. 
  7. For every century passing on each individual Idle Worlds, these worlds are obligated to provide a percentage of their breeding species to the Alliance millitary to serve; alongside expansive demands for agricultural and industrial goods. 

Laws Edit

  1. Idle Worlds are not permitted offical seats of office within the Alliance, and are rather represented by their Wardens. 
  1. Development and the existance of (physical or conceptial) technology designed for space travel is forbidden. Failure to comply results in knowledge extraction and extermination. 
  2. Implimentation and development of technology to cure sterilization is forbidden. Failure to comply results in the abolishment of one's families titles and lands, and a summary purging.

History of the Idle World SentencingEdit