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The Idle World is a fictional universe created as both a creative outlet and a source of inspiration of Andrew Schumacher, and all content provided by this wiki are intellectual property of said person.

Earth of the unknowabley far future has been put under judiciary punishment from The Alliance of the Universe; the official designation of Earth is that of an "Idle World ", used to imprison semi-advanced species within their own planet. This designation barricades all Earth life forms from leaving the planets surface, and impliments systems to perpetuate the stagnation of humanity. These punishments are judgments put upon humanity by the Alliance of the Universe were for war crimes commited by the United Nations during the end of the Great Cold War , purpotrated with both stolen and forbidden alien technology against the Soviet Bloc. After the removal of the Soviet Bloc from the Space-Time contiuum, the United Alliance of the Universe unanamously agreed to refuse humanity enterance into the Alliance and implemented Idle World Protocols. 

After systematically exterminating 95% of the Human population, the Alliance of the Universe collected the remaining genetic data of humanity and put it as extra superfluous genetic material within an entirely engineered species of "Nu-Man". Humanity was genetically sterilized and forced to industrialized the breeding of Nu-Mans in order to control the human and superhuman populations. A first population of Nu-Mans were settled in the newly terraformed North American coast; from these tribes of Nu-mans the superhumans and humans of the Idle World were first progenated within their jail. The immortal known as Gear Head was the superhuman was born during this time, and over the course of centuries, industrialized the Chukaconian Tribes into the nation of Chukacon.  

The social groupings of Humans and Superhumans, or highblooded society, resides in massive cities of Clan-Spires, along the eastern seaboard of our North America. The collectorate of these Clan-Spires is the Trade Empire of Chukacon, a massive collection of loosely alligned city-states all under the many corporate banners of the monolithic oligarchy; the most prolific of banners being GearHead Industries. The vast majority of Nu-Earth  is uninhabited by its civilized/industrialized species, and has been currently undergoing an ice age. The Untamed Wilds of Nu-Earth are host to many newly evolved species, seemingly alien to the Earth of our time. 

  • Locations : Places of Power
  • Factions : The Powers that Are.
  • Cultures : From the Corporate Culture of Chukacon to the Tribalism of Untamed Nu-Manity, Meaning is Artificed  
  • Metagene : Genetic Determinism of Powers.
  • Cosmologies : Stories, Propaganda, Truth.
  • Matrix : Forgotten Territories, With Unknown Legends, Beware.

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